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Tora Trucks unique online transportation market place connects you to an extensive network of truck owners...

GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking

A tracking company vehicle is said to be effective when they manufacture the right GPS tracking devices....



Tora Trucks is a leading portal for the transport industry. Connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities. Simplicity, speed and efficiency drive your business and this is our focus as well. We allow the users to share the information for expansion of services to the customers by providing better rates and vehicles. Our service is aimed for the brokers / transporters / logistics heads / delivery heads to make the use of this technology. This service will make the movement of the vehicle and material more efficient. We will provide information to registered users about the availability of the load and vehicles in the free service and technology oriented App that connects transporters, agents, truck drivers and load suppliers. Highly user friendly App connects you to registered users with the available goods carriers and load providers. We create an atmosphere where speed and efficiency, drives your business to new heights. It opens lot of opportunities for the agents / transporters / logistics peoples / delivery men etc. ToraTrucks App makes the movement of the loads more efficient. Registered users can get the availability of the load and vehicles at the tip of their fingers.


Supply Chain Management

The biggest challenge of any supply chain management is to deliver the correct product, at the correct location, at the right time the customers need, in the appropriate quantity, and at the lowest possible cost. Meeting this challenge entails the need of supply chain management. If that’s what you are looking for you are at the right place at Tora Trucks Solutions.

Excellence of Service

Tora Truck has policies to retain all our customers, service providers, transporters and even our  with our excellence of service. We help all people associated with the community to head for better profitability in their own business. We do right things with all best ethical practices for the benefit of transporter and customer community.

Online Booking

Tora Trucks is an online logistics platform that connects Businesses (Load owner) with Transporters to send trucks across India. We help businesses by posting their load online and receive multiple bids from numerous transporters.Our platform facilitates load owners to book trucks online across India.

Improves Productivity

Tora Truck improves productivity by reducing the time it takes to search for loads or trucks by using a state of the art App system and eliminating non-relevant services (Links) and animated ads that tend to clutter most freight matching load board services.

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To empower Indian suppliers (load providers) and transportation industry with technology enabled decision making and data enabled analysis hence to optimize their profit making approach.

All out help with Toratrucks.com App to the players in the goods & transportation related industry manufacturers, transporters, customers, truckers and any service provider to come under one umbrella, by providing better services to their own customers.
Scientifically worked out strategy, based on data collected from ground level realities, Toratrucks.com is determined to serve the transportation industry to make them realize their abilities of profit making through safe, secure transportation of goods and services for the customers.

Tora Trucks unique online transportation market place connects you to an extensive network of truck owners, transporters with associated goods carrier, adhathias or agents with variety of load providers be it field crops, house hold goods, industrial goods etc. Summon the services of our dedicated field staff, call our control room for assistance, get live demonstration App downloading in couple of minutes that “Free of Charge”. You will be able to get more familiar with the Tora Trucks process and then proceed through your listing with confidence.
Simply post the details of your truck transport job- including type of truck, pickup and delivery details, time frame and budget restrictions. Once your shipment is live in our marketplace you will receive bids from customer-rated truck transport companies. Be sure to read through their profiles; which include business information, insurance coverage and feedback

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Tora Trucks is a leading portal for the transport industry.
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Tora Trucks is a leading portal for the transport industry, and good services for traportation.
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Tora Trucks is a leading portal for the transport industry.We are very happy for TOra Trucks Services.
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